Lover Not A Hater…


New York City is a battlefield, of late.

I am becoming subway-phobic.

Too much violence in the city and now a shooting attack yesterday on the subway.

The scary thing about NYC is you feel more exposed and vulnerable. No vehicle readily available for an escape route.

Makes me so sad that we live in such a violent, hate filled world.

This country must make a priority of tending to the homeless population’s severe mental health issues.

We do not need more police officers in the subways, we must have the underground staffed with mental health workers.

Perhaps it is a false sense of security, but the last decade I have felt very safe in NYC.

I remember my first week working at ABC in Manhattan in the 1970s. Headquarters was located on 6th Avenue and 52nd Street.

It was a beautiful fall day and I headed up to Central Park 7 blocks away to enjoy my brown bag lunch.

I entered the Park and was immediately stopped by New York’s finest.

He was very nice and asked me where I was going. I told him I was planning on enjoying my lunch in Central Park.

He told me to find another spot as he would not advise a young woman who was his sister’s age  to be alone in the Park.

I quickly exited.

I never forgot that and I am in Central Park all the time.

What the hell is going on these days.

trump gets elected president and the country goes to hell, despicables are elected to office, war is raging in Ukraine and we sit and watch the atrocities on TV, Covid is rampant and morons would rather die than get vaccinated,

France may elect another trump as well as a Putin supporter…have the French not been watching? Every time we head to France people question the mental state of Americans and yet Le Pen is close to becoming president.

Infrastructure is a dirty word, ghost gun kits are the new crafty thing to do, you take your life in your hands wearing a nice watch in Los Angeles, you can be killed by a stray bullet sitting in your home or innocently walking home from school, racism and antisemitism are publicly outed daily.

Come on, people. Let’s start loving, stop hating and push our elected officials to deal with the realities  of life in the 21st century and, finally, cancel living in fear.


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