Love Will Keep Us Together…

Just ran into two of my favorite people.

They are dynamic, smart, worldly, compassionate, accomplished artists who love and respect each other.

He has had a tough road lately filled with health potholes. His positivity and an iron will and a partner who excels at empathy and advocacy will successfully carry them through.

If you are with the right person love can sustain you.

I feel that way.

I also lovingly stand with Israel and believe it was created through love, an overwhelming will to survive after fleeing persecution and desire for a safe haven in order to preserve their beliefs and traditions while living in peace in their own national homeland.

For anyone to hate and commit heinous acts in the name of God, Yahweh, Jesus, Muhammad whoever you believe in is fraudulent and against all that is good.

If Evil is your guiding star then you are a lost cause.

Right now, we should all unequivocally stand with Israel. Whatever the conflict, nothing excuses blatant terrorism, brutality, torture, killing, maiming, raping and unadulterated hatred.

I hope everyone finds peace this weekend and fills their lives with compassion, love, understanding and kindness.

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  1. Melissa Tufeld says:

    Sending love Toby to you and David.
    What a world!!!

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