Lock Him Up…

Armed Insurrection, domestic terrorists sporting a mob mentality, ransacking and looting the Capitol and the sacred chambers that are the bedrock of democracy.

All this incited by the President of the United States.

He needs to be removed, NOW!

Invoke the 25th Amendment which allows the vice president, together with the Cabinet to declare the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

The law enforcement reaction to the mob destroying the Capitol while brandishing the Confederate flag has the stench of racism.


Capitol police were taking selfies with the rioters.

A statue was constructed with a noose hanging from the neck.

One of the people Agent Orange “loves” and thinks is “very special” wore a t-shirt emblazoned with Camp Auschwitz.and his Neo-Nazi pal had one that read, 6MWE..6 Million Wasn’t Enough.”


A meager 52 arrests, mostly for curfew violations.

Photo:Daily Mail

Police lending a hand to a pregnant white female  agitator going down the Capitol steps.

Many in the police force served as enablers and the police proved they DO know how to restrain themselves as long as people of color are not involved.

The woman shot and killed was a militant QAnon supporter who was a believer in conspiracy theories and was looking forward to a Wednesday blood bath.

She was anything but an innocent caucasian military vet.

These ignorant insurgents have been flooded with propaganda and misinformation by Agent Orange, Donny Junior, Giuliani. These brainless, violent rioters thrive on unproven inconsistencies and lies.

I could go on and on.

Bottom line…start impeachment proceedings or invoke the 25th Amendment.

12 days is too many days to leave Agent Orange in charge.


Throw the supreme opportunist Josh Hawley out of the Senate on his pompous ass. Attending Stanford and Yale Law School does not guarantee intelligence or give you a free pass to incite.

Crucify Cruz, Congressmen Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Mo Brooks and House Minirity leader Kevin McCarthy. They breached their oath and sold out, failing to serve their constituents.

They all should be formally censured.

There’s finally rage inside the GOP led by Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger at Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and others whose plans to object to Biden’s certification gave oxygen to Trump, the protests and the notion that Congress could be used to overturn the will of vote

Investigate Homeland Security, the National Guard and federal law enforcement…their response reeks of white privilege.

Damn it, make America sane again.

Take off the white gloves.

No stalling…trump never took a beat.

ACT NOW for democracy.

Demonstrate to the world that we are taking action to restore our democracy and to America that the rules of democracy are meant for all.


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