Lightning Is Striking Again…

Florida is unpredictable.

It’s not just in regard to politics, but the weather, as well.

Emergency lights are flashing, warning sounds are blasting followed by violent thunder and explosive lightning.

I was walking back from the gym after waiting out the deluge and then the storm re-ignited and I had to take shelter in a tiny storage hut.

David is on a work call and not responding to my soaking SOS so my lifeline is DOA.

Squatting here deciding which natural catastrophe is worse…tropical storms, earthquakes, fire or severe snowstorms.

These are my pu pu platter of personal residential calamities to choose from.

Today is my day for emergency nuance.

I was breezing along on the Peloton at the gym and my cell started beeping and flashing red.

I glanced down and it read 911!

I pressed stop and it sent alerts to my emergency numbers…difficult for my mom to respond.

Then the fire department called to say there appears to be a fire, flood or unnamed severe event happening at my home.

I freaked, jumped off the Peloton and raced home.

Thankfully, everything was copasetic, but what a morning jolt.

How the hell did the local fire department get my cell number and proceed to screw up so bigly?

Crazy day.

Just rolling with the unexpected punches.

Considering a one way ticket back to fantasy island.

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