Lighting Up Friday Nights…


Tossing out a suggestion.

Get into Friday Night Lights.

It is compelling television.

I am a football fanatic, but if you are not into football, it matters not.

My husband cares nothing about football and he is addicted to Friday Night Lights.

It is not only Must See TV, but the show affords channel surfers the opportunity to take an extended break from furiously scanning all the cable channels for something decent to watch.

The show serves up 5 seasons and 76 engrossing, touching episodes.

Friday Night Lights is lauded for its realistic portrayal of Middle America and a deep dive into its rich characters, especially Panthers coach played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as his wife, Tami.

Like a lovely glass of wine with dinner, Friday Night Lights offers a pleasing finish to the day.


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