Life’s Unanswered Questions…

What annoying creature slinks into bathrooms and sullies the medicine cabinet?

The bottles, make up, deodorant, medication are all tidy…what gives and who is responsible for smearing the glass shelves?!

Can anyone identify the baseboard monster?

I have dogs so I know that hair settles, but it’s as if Chewbacca and Cousin Itt tag team and sneak into my house every other day to shake, rattle and roll.

I go through Windex faster than toilet paper.

How do crumbs and dust get trapped so easily in closets?

It’s not as if someone settles in and has DoorDash deliver meals in that space. Closet doors open and close a few times a day, that’s it.

I spent hours yesterday cleaning, sorting and eliminating and I just went through this tedious, arduous exercise a mere two months ago.

And why is food always hiding in the pantry? I systematically line things up and yet something always escapes my line of vision.

I just unearthed an unopened bag of pistachios, two boxes of fancy crackers, cornbread mix and French chocolates that were past their prime.

These are life’s daily mysteries along with the Senate voting against having witnesses at Agent Orange’s impeachment trial…Windex won’t clean up that mess.


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