Life in America is a Tragic Soap Opera…

Image of soap bubbles around a bar of soap with the words "Life is like a soap opera"

Hatred, Racism, and the Alt-Right

Drama, angst, depression, tension, hatred.

A rerun of Dynasty or a new reality based soap starring America’s presidential buffoon.

Previous decades were relatively calm as we benignly tuned into, As The World Turns.

Then the Bush years broadcast, The Secret Storm.

Obama’s presidency personified The Young and the Restless and the politically motivated.

Now we are drowning in, Dark Shadows.

You just cannot miss one episode of this present day soap because not a moment goes by since Agent Orange commenced his reign of terror without dramatic flashes of fire and fury.

Saturday, all hell broke loose in Charlottesville, Virginia when alt-right White Nationalists flooded the city and took to the streets, spewing hatred, racism and anti-semitism.

Must be a red letter day for ‘Support the Right’ Trump supporters, greatly influenced by Steve Bannon and his Breitbart lackies.

What the hell is going on in America?

Rewind…we are rapidly moving backward.

How can we point fingers at Venezuela or even North Korea?

America is doomed until that hideous pile of orange blubber is drummed out of office.

He has given a voice to White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

This despicable white trash claim to be patriots…they are scum…bigoted, uneducated, ponytail wearing, goatee sporting, prejudice ignoramus.

The intense hatred and rhetoric has to stop.

We have got to bring people together.

As long as Trump, Bannon, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka, a special advisor to Trump and a former editor at Breitbart as well as a good friend of Steve Bannon along with billionaire brothers, David and Charles Koch who are the founders of a group they call “Americans for Prosperity” which supports extreme right-wing candidates who actively fight against the economic interests of workers and their families, our beloved country is doomed.

This devastating tide of home grown terrorism, emanating hatred, bigotry and intolerance has to end.

We MUST Search For Tomorrow, rewrite the script and tune in as America once again broadcasts, The Guiding Light.

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    Thank you.

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