Let’s Hear It For Closet Space…

Back in LA.

It has been raining here for 4 days and we arrived to a gorgeous, 50 degree day.

The mountains were visible and blanketed in snow.

The flight was at 7am and I only managed one hour of sleep Tuesday night.

The plane wasn’t even 1/3 full so we each had our own row to ourselves.

A treasure trove of movies were offered on the brand new stretch Airbus.

I finally was able to watch, Can You Ever Forgive Me.

Interesting story and Melissa McCarthy is superb…wow, Sookie has come a long way from the kitchens of Stars Hollow.

Stating the obvious, there is such a contrast between the two coasts.

No Broadway or Central Park, but I have the Pacific Ocean down the street and a big walk in closet so it all works.

Went for a hike to ensure that my legs still functioned after the flight and ended up at the new “mall” in town.

Very Pleasantville, but a definite diversion and we even have a movie theater.

New York represents with two Blue Ribbon restaurants.

Woke up at 2am PST to let Finnley into the bed and realized I was hallucinating…no dogs in LA…bummer.

Its true…you can’t have it all.

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