Let It Snow…

What do you do during a frigid, snowy weekend in NYC?

Friday was ridiculously cold.

I had to have my dental surgery checked and see what university my tuition payments were going to.

My oral surgeon’s daughter was accepted to Bucknell early decision so at this point I think I have paid for her freshman year…you’re welcome!

I trudged home through Central Park in a biting wind.

Saturday I went spinning at 8am and then went to the 10am showing of Jojo Rabbit which I personally feel should win the Best Picture Oscar.

It is strong, touching and thought provoking.

It made me so uncomfortable, yet curious how the highly charged issues would be handled.

Although Jojo Rabbit is difficult, divisive and discomforting, I ended up feeling empathy towards the obsessive main character.

After a long lunch we walked out into a winter wonderland.

The snow was falling and sticking making our journey home precarious, but the beauty of the first snowfall transcended slipping and sliding away.

Next up, a 7 hour binge on Season 1, 10 episode long, The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

In the end not worth the time commitment.

It had its poignant and truthful moments, but overall The Morning Show is shallow and inconsistent.

I cannot understand why Jennifer Aniston is garnering accolades for her performance. For me, she is a one note wonder. Even her mannerisms still imbue the spirit of Rachel Karen Green…stop touching your hair and stomach, please!

Our TV viewing accompanied by takeout Chinese in bed was straight out of an 80’s Rom Com.

Sometimes hangin’ out and staying in can be a real treat, especially with the perfect hanger on.

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  1. Cathy Newman says:

    My mom and I watched a screener of Jojo Rabbit last night and thought it was great. Those kids!!! Wow. Loved the look of the film and how it was strangely surreal and absurdist.

    Keep warm in NYC!!

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