Let It Be…

Romance is not dead…even after 34 years of marriage.

On Friday, I made a lunch reservation to get an early jump on celebrating.

I had never heard of Sunset Beach in Malibu, a sequestered strip of crescent shaped beach tucked away along the scenic Malibu coastline.

Sunset Restaurant is charming and we sat by the window across from the beach, mesmerized by three dolphins romping in the ocean.

We were also distracted by the workmen setting up for a 6pm beach wedding.

I mentioned to David that Sunset Beach is a perfect location for our vow renewal ceremony on our 50th…I pledged to wear white this time around.

I await with breathless anticipation having my moment, gathering together a posse of the most critical friends and family who make me feel hideous and then finally once the veil is nailed down and the ugly cry commences, I can Say Yes to the Dress.

Back to reality, we toasted our joyous union where I never promised to obey and lustily dined on an avocado and endive salad and linguine with fresh clams.

Saturday morning we woke up at 3am still dealing with jet lag and by 4am we were at Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica scarfing down lox and eggs since we had slept through dinner.

We were hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains by 7am.

Unfortunately, the morning took a nasty turn and my mom went into cardiac arrest when we were on the phone…I must have that effect on people so best not to call me.

Thankfully, she was in the hospital and they rushed her to ICU and put in a temporary pacemaker.

More critical issues arose on Sunday and finally she was stabilized.

Today, she has the permanent pacemaker inserted.

After the ordeal, she told me that when her heart stopped she knew she was in bed and, although very much aware that she was holding on tightly to the mattress, she felt herself floating to her home in Connecticut.

Scary. Crazy..I guess that is where she permanently wants to land.

My mom is resilient and pretty f’ing amazing.

Life, love, fear, illness…just let it be because we never know.

Be happy and live joyously in the moment.




  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Oh, nooooo! Please send your mom love from the Newmans. Hope she is feeling better. What a scare!!! Holy crap.

  2. Omg I’m so glad she’s ok! That’s so scary 😣🙏🏻❤️

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