Les Pres D’ Eugenie…French Restaurant Review

Playing the part of The Good Wife is me.

My husband, Mr. Positivity and the hardest working, most dedicated businessperson I have ever encountered, needed to take a break and be pampered.

I planned everything and treated him to a phenomenal getaway at Les Pres D’Eugenie, the Relais & Chateaux property and the three Michelin Star restaurant.

While in France I swept him away to Eugenie Les Bains, a gorgeous paradise serving the most incredible cuisine.

I was unaware of this southwestern France food mecca and relaxation retreat.

Endless gratitude to my fab friends, Laura and Bruce.

I know. I have reviewed some amazing restaurants. Les Pres D’Eugenie is a standout.

The journey commenced Sunday morning. The drive was easy as we departed early.

The town which is literally two blocks long, is tucked in a little corner of the Nouvelle Aquitaine district.

The gorgeous property projects relaxation with two swimming pools, a gym, tennis court and spa.

Our room was vintage in style and large with a patio that had a stunning view.

I booked an 8pm dinner reservation.

Champagne cocktails were served in the living room with divine lobster appetizers.

We were personally escorted into the kitchen to view the set up and meet the culinary staff.

The dining room was all pomp and circumstance yet, at the same time, permeated by a very comfortable, warm environment.

The white glove, synchronized service was impeccable.

Our amuse bouche of oyster and heavenly cream was  delicious.

Every course was beyond description and the flavors burst in your mouth providing a satisfying, lingering memory.

Le Grand Menu for autumn/winter 2022 began with a Tsarina egg with 300 days caviar dressed in the shell with whipped cream of green bananas, onion and vodka.

Onward…Ceres & Herb stew, crunchy bread bites gorged with squash and butter nectar.

Roasted scallop, mariniere of shrimp & clams, oyster leaf followed.

Tourne-Feu lobster, silky broth of coconut and orange blossom, carmelized onion.

Goldenseared sweetbread, sun root nibbles and artichokes, pimped with garden mint.

Diaphanous dim sum of wild mushrooms, creamy inflation of black truffle and Noilly…this was unbelievable.

Light as a Cloud Marquis de Bechamel soft cake.

Chocolate for grown-ups, underwood crepe dentalle, tawny ice cream & Armagnac custard.

the finale…the tree of delights & a warm fruit tarte.

Breakfast was memorable, as well.

As we were wandering through the house, we met the legendary chef, author and restauranteur, Michel Guerard, one of the founders of nouvelle cuisine and the inventor of cuisine minceur, the Great Slimming Cuisine that gave him instant international recognition.

We replenished the mind, the body with their renowned thermal baths and the soul at this phenomenal oasis.

Les Pres D’Eugenie-Maison Guerard-Relais & Chateaux 5 -star hotel 334 Rue René Vielle Eugenie Les Bains, France.

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  1. Terry Nicholas says:

    Once again, stunning pictures that perfectly evoke and convey an unforgettable, sumptuous, exquisite experience! Fine dining,…redefined!

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