Law & Order…

Even if the world is uncertain, there are still things I count on.

I am devoted to my daily edition of law and order, guaranteeing some semblance of normalcy.

According to experts our brains are literally overburdened with all the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

We no longer have the familiar routines that previously framed our lives…visiting the gym, trying new restaurants, grocery shopping, going to theatre, social interaction, traveling.

These options are no longer available.

Just going out the door involves risk analysis.

Living in Coronaville has propelled me into a new, comforting yet unexciting routine.

In Los Angeles, I wake early, put on Morning Joe, make a pot of Illy coffee.

I bask in the solitude then get dressed and await my husband to finish his usual 6am Zoom call and get ready to hike.

We have 7 challenging routes and as we exit the back door we select the mountain to conquer…other than food, our only real choices.

Breakfast is next.

I then plan lunch and dinner.

After cleaning up I jump on the Peloton for a 30-60 minute spin.

I carve out several hours each day for writing.

Weekends are sunrise walks on the beach.

In Santa Fe the scenery is different and the schedule a bit more flexible as three of us are doing balancing acts and two of us have full-time jobs.

I still rise early, make coffee and do Adriene’sa yoga class as the cold weather and altitude demand limbering up before hiking.

The hike awaits the meshing of my daughter and husband’s work schedule and a window of opportunity to get outside.

Breakfast is next and then I plan lunch and dinner.

I have already prepared 28 meals in 9 days with only two curbside pick ups bestowed for good behavior.

Yesterday all our PCR Covid tests came back negative so no more indoor mask wearing and since New Mexico is still in lockdown we are indoors most of the day with a snow capped mountain view and a new floor plan.

I fully admit to being a control freak and now I can control only what goes on in my unpopulated, insulated Coronaville sphere.

The routine I have created since March provides a predictable, secure rhythm during very trying, erratic times.

Only 49 more days until we experience a calming, responsible presidency devoid of tweets and bullying, perhaps eventually more freedom with the release of a safe vaccine and a unified national plan to make things better.

Keep the faith and a comfortable routine.

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  1. So happy you are all reunited! It feels like a whole new world when and if you can get away, right?! SO glad you did it. Enjoy!

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