Lapping It Up…

Back to laps.

I love having a pool.

Swimming is my jam.

It’s nice to get off your feet and submerge your body. A bonus is underwater you cannot hear anyone which is a blessing.

I wish I had been underwater Sunday on the beach.

I got into it with a potty mouth middle-aged foreign couple who decided to sit perhaps 6 inches from our chairs.

I channeled Jesus and Elijah and Easter Bunny sweetness flowed from my mouth.

They rejected my request to move on down just a skosh and aggressively told me to go fuck myself…whoever said women of the Middle East are repressed did not meet this lovely lady.

That thing must have said the F word 20 times if she said it once.

Well, I reciprocated with my own unleavened language.

She said I would never get anyone to fuck me…direct quote.

And wait for it, my devastatingly handsome husband arrived at that moment with lunch.

Well, the foul mouthed duo shut up real quick and he completely shriveled up.

Of course, I wished them a Happy Holiday and told them I hope their aggressions disappeared as quickly as trump’s legacy.

Well, you just knew.

Yep, they were proud trumpsters and spit out that they moved to Florida to be closer to him and that I was an fing Democrat and should die all because I nicely (truly I did) asked them to please not sit on top of us.

All in all it was a riveting encounter and one I will hold close to my heart, forever.

They left soon after and I enjoyed the beach until 6:30pm.

 Submerged does have its benefits.

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  1. The scariest part was the reason ‘they’ moved to

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