Lagging From Jet Lag…

Another day, another time zone.

I am not complaining because who would ever push back against immersing oneself in all the finery and intrigue of France, Spain, New York City?

My menopausal body is putting up a good fight. It’s 3:30am again. I am progressing from awakening at 2am the last few nights.

Today 3:30am is not inconvenient because I have a 7am flight to Los Angeles. Back to reality and dealing with interviewing new contractors…hopefully the nor’easter subsides so we are able to safely depart.

All I want for Christmas is a dust free abode and a bathroom. Santa Claus has a chimney to come down, but he will land in a pile of dust, broken tiles and only Ram Board to break his fall.

There is no remedy for jet lag. I have struggled to stay up until 9pm EST. I forced myself to sacrifice my body and consume alcohol. I exercised vigorously to no avail. The other night I gave up and went to bed at 5pm…nothing works.

I had a week to adjust to the 6 hour time difference between France and New York and today I will have to adjust to another 3 hour differential.

Next week, I am back to the east coast for the holidays.

If one has to contend with adversity then jet lag and fatigue are the best of the worst.

Angry Birds and demolition here I come. Au revoir french wines, excitement, amazing museums, Broadway and stimulation around every corner. Reality, I am prepared to take you head on.

The one advantage to jet lag and very early morning wake up is getting a jump on work and cleaning. In NYC I have Central Park to myself and in LA, more time to hang with my Madison.

See you on the left coast.


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