KPOP Infiltrates Broadway…

I just channeled my inner frenzied, screaming teenager.

I jumped into the K-POP tempered mosh pit and bought a ticket to witness the music industry phenomenon portrayed on Broadway.

KPOP recently began previews at Circle In The Square, my absolute favorite theater venue.

We had great seats to view the previously off Broadway hit on the great White Way.

KPOP’s lead is Luna, a legitimate K-POP star who was in the successful South Korean girls group f(x).

KPOP is a Korean Momma Mia with paper-thin characterizations and simplistic dialogue gleefully embellished by continuous joyous, highly entertaining singing and dance routines.

Saturday night’s audience surprisingly showcasing a wide age range, reacted like giddy teenagers at a BTS concert to the electrifying dance routines and infectious beats with high-powered vocals from both boy and girl bands culminating in a get up off your feet finale.

It’s a fun evening for all ages.

A note about the K-POP phenomenon.

BTS is the most popular boys band in the world.

Right now they are a hot button topic in South Korea. The issue being whether the band’s seven members will serve in the army.

Under South Korean law, all able-bodied men are required to perform 18-21 months of military service.

Money talks as BTS has been so influential that they reportedly contribute about $3.6 billion to the South Korean economy annually.

Coincidentally, BTS announced yesterday that they will take a break from music and serve in the army planning to come back together as a group around 2025 after all seven members complete their military service.

Circle In The Square Theatre 235 West 50th Street New York City.


  1. Awesome, enjoy life when we are still able to travel and be healthy.

    I was in London last week and had my fix going to see Tina.

  2. Figured this show wasn’t for me. You’ve almost convinced me I should join you in the mosh pit!

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