Knock Me Over With A Feather…

So this happened.

I called DIRECTV to sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket…another $300 investment in frustration.

I am always hopeful, but the NY Giants are projected to be extremely lacking in overall talent.

I asked if there were any specials since I am still paying off the MLB package so that I can watch the NY Yankees who presently suck, but that is another sad story.

Shock and surprise not only did I reach a representative who worked in the United States rather then offshore and knows nothing except to say, “Hold on ma’am” at least 15 times during our frustrating conversation, and here’s the kicker, I was rewarded for endless and enduring loyalty and buying multiple sports packages every year.

I was bestowed the subscription for the entire NFL season for FREE…you heard me.

Of course, September 13th, kick off for the NFL season, may be a rude No Show awakening

I am not very trusting.

Personally I think it is my equally obsessed sports friendies in upstate NY who started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a distraught and quarantined sports junkie.

Somehow they raised the money and bought me the NFL package…that’s my story and I am sticking with it!

Anyway, not that most people give a damn, but sports especially in Coronaville is my one indulgence other then Mango Daiquiris and a handful of lightly salted Fritos.

Are you ready for some football…now I am.

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