Kindness Is A Choice…

2021…it is emotionally exhausting living in America.

There is so much hate circulating throughout this country.

Asians, Jews, Blacks, Browns, Immigrants, Transgenders, Gays, Women, Politicians (republicans excepted).

Inanimate objects such as masks, vaccines and even voting rights are targets of hatred and resentment.

White males, especially supremacists, seem to be the only relatively untouched sector as they appear to be busy committing many of the crimes.

According to the FBI 2019 hate crime statistics which were released in November 2020, over 52% of all hate crimes are committed by whites and hate crimes are at an all time high.


Seems as if Americans continue to drink a surplus of Orange Kool-Aid.

I am dreaming of my happy place…wherever that safe haven might be…the fantasy includes an oceanfront view, televised sports and only a smattering of humans, dogs are welcome.

Wish there was a vaccine to protect us from all the hate and a second potion to inject us with love and compassion.

Enjoy the weekend and be kind to one another.


  1. AMEN!!!!!

    Have a safe,fabulous weekend
    J C

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