Keep The Faith…

Continuing with the theme of being too sick to do anything except lay in bed I will expound upon my mood.

My mood sucks.

It is so depressing to be a captive in your own home.

Getting dressed and going outside is an overwhelming concept.

The antidote is binge watching The Crown, Mozart in the Jungle and Goliath.

When those ran their course, I turned to cable news and Facebook.

That really brought on the nausea because the first 14 days of Trump’s reign as Hitler has been tumultuous and depressing as hell.

My Facebook friends are all as upset as I am. I admire their proactive responses, but their concern radiates from the pages, upping my anxiety.

I have determined that I have three choices.

  1. Get well and never ever succumb again
  2. Throw out my TV
  3. Emigrate

Once I am of sound mind and body, I will determine my future.

There is a bright spot.

I lost weight and laundry was easy peasy…only pj’s and underwear to fold.

Have a great weekend and try to keep the faith.

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