Kathie Lee Gifford Bottoms Out…


I recently read that Katie Lee Gifford is the most unpopular morning talk show host.

Hard to believe since the fourth hour of the Today Show has great numbers. She does have a very high recognizability rating, though.

Do people love to hate Gifford? Why? How can you hate a God loving women who is devoted to wine, adores dogs and is married to a New York Giants Hall of Famer?

She has had problems and doesn’t run from the truth. I guess I get her. I worked with Gifford when she was a correspondent on GMA and she flew to San Francisco to do a segment on Huey Lewis and the News. This was pre-Frank Gifford and she definitely wanted to know if she could be  Huey’s, “Heart of Rock n Roll!”

 TV ratings are the most important barometer for gauging success. Q Scores is a company that uses an industry standard for gauging a celebrity’s likability. By surveying groups of 1,800 viewers, they are able to tell if a given personality is a Tom Hanks — the guy who consistently tops Q Score rankings in the 50’s.

A good rating for news show hosts is a 15, Gifford ranked at the bottom with a 5, just below Matt Lauer. Good Morning America’s, Robin Roberts, topped the list with a 29.

Live with Kelly and Michael

People loved to hate her when she was part of the Regis and Kathie Lee team. They ripped her apart for constantly talking about her children yet her replacement, Kelly Ripa, never shuts up about her family and everyone loves Kelly.

I work from home so I tune into daytime programming. Television is like having an office staff and I find I work more productively with ambient sounds in the background. I always did my homework with the TV on…old habits die hard.

I thrive in a home office environment. When my daughter was born, I moved my office home so that I could be present and bring up my own child. I had lunch with her every day, took her on the road, but only with family friendly acts such as Huey Lewis and the News and to the annual Hula Bowl on Maui when I was producing special events  extravaganzas.

I am very fortunate that I could work from home and successfully balance work and family life. I always felt that it was so important to be present and fully partake in the most glorious time in a child’s life. Watching her develop, grow, mature was like being presented with a gift 365 days per year.

I am a fast worker and don’t need to be in an office environment to be driven and find stimulation. Camaraderie is overrated.  I like flying solo and not having to ever deal with office politics. Too many egotistic assholes, especially in entertainment. I could compose a long list of culprits, but why go there.  I have no patience for that type of behavior.

Ultimately, you have to be true to yourself and like ol’ blue eyes sang,” And did it my way.”  I have and, hopefully, I can continue to do it my way.

And, Kathie Lee, keep on keeping it honest and as you always say, God Bless You!

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