Just Stop It…

I am asserting my independence and crying, “Foul!”

Stop walking into me on the sidewalk while you text or read your messages.

I cannot believe the sense of entitlement…you self involved morons do not even bother to glance up to see if you are going to collide with a law abiding pedestrian.

None, and I mean none of you, outwardly display the trappings of a brain surgeon on call, an EMT or an on duty fireman or police officer.

Follow the rules of the road and tuck into a corner of a building or wait to send your emojis until you stop for your soy latte or arrive home.

Cut it out…you ignorant sluts.

Dog owners, clean up the poop.

Are you taking your dog out for a hook up on LickMe.com?

What is the intent of your outdoor excursions with your canine?

It is hard to believe that the end result is not to have your pup relieve him or herself. Take a friggin’ bag with you.

And my second to last request is that if you are going to just stop in the middle of the sidewalk, don’t!

Move to the side. I have seen numerous collisions of late and it is not pretty especially when you see senior citizens take a Humpty Dumpty fall.

Lastly, the street is not your garage can.

If you can navigate the streets of NYC you can handle the heft of an empty Starbucks cup or soda can…there are trash cans on every corner…do not leave debris on AC’s, building steps or toss on the sidewalk.

I know that the animals have been given a free hall pass by America’s fuhrer, but please, I am begging you, join the movement to Make America Courteous Again.


photo: KMLE Country

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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Great, thank you!

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