Just Say No To Swordfish…

Up all night with a sick hubby and now we are waiting for an ultrasound in the ER.

Pain is excruciating and even though the ER is empty the waiting is also excruciating.

He had lunch at an upscale midtown restaurant and things didn’t go so well.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Urgent Care which did not help just cost $$$$.

Things did improved yesterday.

Learned from a thoughtful friend that Coca Cola helps food poisoning.

Ran to the Greek food truck on the corner for Coke and learned  that Mexican Coca Cola is better.

The owner told me to go to our local pizza place as they sell the old fashioned glass bottle Mexican Coke.

Was optimistic that Wednesday would bring relief, but at 5am this morning not even intravenous drugs are helping.

No smiles only moans.

Hoping that the doctors can help, but right now no one gives a damn.

I don’t know how people go to hospitals without an advocate.

Begging appears to be my role since 3am.

And the beat goes on.



  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    Toby! OMG. They have no idea what it is? Apedicitis?
    A fe years ago, I ended up in the ER, horrible abdominal pain – then they had me drink all that fluid in order to do a CT Scan – fortunately for me, as soon as I drank all that fluid – my pain disappeared. They never found out what it was.

    I send sincere wishes and hopes that this ends soon!!!!
    Thoughts, prayers and white light coming your way,
    XO Anna

  2. Lynn Hamlin says:

    I have had horrible food poisoning overseas- in bed writhing for 2 days (when I wasn’t in the bathroom). Cipro is the only help and tons of fluids.

  3. hope by the time you receive this he is feeling better. so sorry……

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