I’ve Got You…

Such a strong, supportive statement.

It means the world.

One of the most difficult things about losing Queen E. was that I knew no matter what, she always had my back.

Even at 98 she would have sacrificed her body if I was in trouble, been wronged or in danger.

I miss our multiple daily phone calls when I could tell her anything and she always had my back.

These feelings came to the surface when I read Douglas Emhoff’s touching message to his wife.

I was quite moved by Kamala Harris husband’s tweet when she recently bowed out of the presidential race.

“I’ve Got You”

Simply put, he stated, “I’ve Got You.”

Having someone’s back does not preclude letting them know when they are wrong or out of line, but no matter what you still have their back.

Many are not motivated by emotional entanglements or choosing sides…putting yourself out there is not always easy, but it is for me the right thing to do and damn the consequences.

Anyway, just know if you are in my sphere I will always have your back!

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  1. Beautifully written.

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