It’s The Climb…

Nothing to say.

Feeling Frustration.

Patient Anxiety.

And heavy breathing from three trips crosstown.

Agent Orange has spread his Cheeto dust across the Veteran’s Day Parade so I cannot get transportation from the westside to the eastside and vice versa.

The surgeon was ready to release us from hospital purgatory and then we hit a bump in the road.

It’s the climb.

Please release us into a world free of needle pricking, an environment devoid of constant monitor beeping and the impersonal touch of latex rubber gloves.


  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    Sending on more good thoughts. Oh, how hard this must be. Looking so forward to this being a distant memory for both of you. XO Anna

  2. I’ll pray hard that this nightmare ends soon. Take a cab!!! Treat yourself gently.

  3. Bumps are so so frustrating..better than going home and having to go right back..happened here……..hang in there and yes cab it!!

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