It’s All About The Clothes…

2018 Oscars…No Lift off

Theme of the night…Boring.


I am decked out in my new plaid flannel pajamas.

I whipped up a bowl of bow tie pasta with fresh peas.

A bottle of Orin Swift Abstract wine is breathing (aren’t we all).

David ate, drank and dodged. He could care less about Oscar.

I really do not care who wins.

I am prepared though because I have seen every nominated film.

I do have my favorites, but I am not going to turn this into a personal competition.

Truth be told, it is all about the clothes and there were not that many fab dresses tonight so my votes are based on overall look.

Here are my picks:

First and foremost, the over 50’s win hands down…you killed it Baby Boomers.

Meryl Streep (a record 21 Oscar nominations with 3 wins and all class)

Jane Fonda (I want her plastic surgeon’s contact info)

Allison Janney (her 58 year-old body is rockin’)

Jennifer Garner (the dress is pretty…the entire package, gorgeous. Ben, you really screwed up!)

Jennifer Lawrence (Devastating Dior)

Emily Blunt (an appreciation for detail and uniqueness)

The worst:

Whoopi (whoopsie daisy…designer Christian Siriano on crack channeling flower power)

Sally Hawkins (always looks blah, but talent transcends)


Salma Hayek (que lastima, I love Gucci…not this one)

Andra Day (her sense of style hit the wrong note)

Blanca Blonco (actress…Blahco, obscene candy cane))

Lindsey Vonn (she is definitely not medaling tonight. If they bring back Gunsmoke, I think she would make a great Miss Kitty))

St. Vincent (musician who is not making beautiful music. I have no words. She makes Bjork look good)

Tiffany Haddish (I know that she wore a traditional Eritrean gown representing her father who was from the northeast African country and passed away last year, but wear a Eritrean flag pin instead)

Now that the Oscars are over, the winners and losers can go stuff their collective faces because knowing Hollywood, they have been eating canned tuna in water and hydrating with bottled water all week.

They are more than ready for Wolfgang Puck’s cuisine at the Governor’s Ball.

A few fun facts: 1500 industry VIP’s attend the Governor’s Ball after the awards show.

900 servers are in attendance to keep the guests happy.

300 chefs toil in the hot kitchen.

30,000 appetizers are served.

7,000 little chocolate Oscars were created to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Hollywood does have heart…the leftovers are donated to the LA Food Bank.

Boring was the theme of the night as evidenced in the clothes, comments and lack of comedy.

In these Trumpian times, we could have used a basket full of laughs.

Oscar at 90 is getting old, but He did acknowledge all the Hers so that is revolutionary.


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