It’s A Lovely Day💜♥️…

I am looking like a badass…no lie!

I have a sizable facial scar.

instead of invoking the C word I will just go with the tale of a tussle on the mean streets of Manhattan.

My partner in crime has invited me to a Valentine’s Day lunch today at a new New York City restaurant.

Since my bandage is off I am considering dressing in black leather, perhaps a jaunty angle to my black felt fedora.

More importantly, I am sending my heartfelt wishes to everyone who is not anti-Hallmark, for a lovely day💜


  1. Happy Valentines Day ! We don’t need Hallmark
    to remind us of our need to be loved♥️

  2. Love and Happiness to you and David
    Love you both

  3. Cathy Newman says:

    Sending you two cuties all the Valentine’s Day love from the west coast. 💖🌷💘🌷💕🌷

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