It’s A Celebration…

My mom & Her Birthday Cake
My mom & Her Birthday Cake

There’s a celebration going on.

I am ready to proclaim to the world that my mother just turned 95.

Sshhh…don’t tell anyone. She would give me a time out if she knew I actually revealed the number.

IMG_1948.She is officially outed and I’m proud.

Yesterday, I had a surprise birthday party for twenty five of her peeps.

That is pretty darn good to find so many of her friends alive and relevant. It was fabulous that revelers came from near and far.

Family and friends descended on Connecticut from Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Rhode Island, California, New York and Massachusetts.

Canasta Girls
Canasta Girls

The canasta girls were present and accounted for. The card games have been happening for over 60 years.

Our Merrill Lynch financial whizzes and friends, Jim and Sarah, joined the celebration. Jim wanted to know if I could afford such a decadent celebration. I told him to put me on margin for this shindig.

Dinosaur Fixings
Dinosaur Fixings

We devoured incredible fixings from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que which originated in Syracuse, NY decades ago.

They served up delectable, ribs, brisket, BBQ chicken, the best chicken wings ever, creamy slaw, pork fried rice and salmon for the vegetarians. We washed it down with Prosecco.

Michele Simonte & Abbey Schwartz
Michele Simonte & Abbey Schwartz

A special thanks to managing partner, Abbey Schwartz, for delivering the goods.

While we ate the talent Doug Ferony who sounds more like Frank Sinatra then Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, serenaded us. Check out This is not a paid endorsement…just praise for a job well done!

My mom even had a special slow dance with her favorite grandson, Joshua.

Eunice & Josh
Eunice & Josh

David was the perfect partner and he and Courtny worked the room like pros. My cousin Susan upped her game and really delivered on the big day.


The birthday cake was fit for the Queen that Eunice is.

St. Moritz of Greenwich out did themselves and Laura was a huge help. It was two layers consisting of chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and a yellow cake stuffed with fresh strawberries.

I was concerned that my mom would make it to 95 and the surprise would kill her, but she gird her loins and basked in the glory, excitement and love that embraced the day.

Parting Gifts
Parting Gifts

Parting gifts with personalized one of a kind wrapping paper by Liz Mersky Salem at I just had to give a shout-out to Liz…creativity and full service professionalism.

Liz wrapped up Eunice in chocolate with visuals circa 1960 at the Eden Roc, Miami Beach…what a babe.

Long live the Queen…you go, girl. Here’s to another 95.

The Family
The Family


  1. Happy Birthday Eunice!! Great Family & Friends Great Party!! I am glad I was a Part of it and sang the Favorites for all!! Best Wishes Cheers!!! Doug

  2. Paula Lopez says:

    Marvelous! I just loved the boas!!!!

  3. Wow – what a beautiful party for a beautiful mother! And she clearly raised a very thoughtful, creative and loving daughter. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll do for her 100th!
    Loved the gorgeous cake and those party favors were definitely the cherry on top!

  4. Pati Clark says:

    Beyond amazing! You and your Mom set the bar really high! What a room of love !!

  5. What a glorious celebration!

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