It’s A Celebration…

Drum roll, please…I just indulged in my best meal ever in Palm Beach County.

Le Bilboquet recently debuted on posh Worth Avenue.

You can now eat very well and browse Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany, Ralph Lauren and the funky art gallery that has been entertaining Worth Avenue patrons for years.

The restaurant has a European charm about it with a sophisticated Art Deco interior as well as an inviting patio.

The staff is a delight which is not always the case on Worth Avenue.

The Palm Beach outpost is owned by Jane Holzer. Holzer who was one of Andy Warhol’s muses and a fixture in the New York scene in the 1960s. She is  now back home in her native Palm Beach.

The original Le Bilboquet is on the Upper East Side and is a must do, as well.

We briefly waited for our table and sipped a cocktail, chatting with the engaging French bartender at the small bar.

The menu is very appealing with New York City pricing, but the caveat is the portions are deliciously generous.

Our salads were superb.

My husband ordered Les Endives Au Roquefort with Granny Smith apple adornment. The salad was well chilled and beyond delicious ($25).

The Burrata, Fresh Corn and Peach Salad was magnificent, especially on a hot and humid evening ($29).

David’s Moules Meunière portion was gigantic. The mussels were in an amazing white wine and fresh diced tomato broth perfectly seasoned and accompanied by a large cone of crispy french fries ($36).

My Wild Halibut in an Asian broth with mushrooms and bok choy was superb ($48).

We were celebrating our anniversary and they presented us with a sumptuous Vacherin dessert consisting of meringue, layered with a cream and raspberry filling sprinkled with fresh berries ($15).

The drive down A1A was serene, taking in the plethora of unoccupied mansions on the left and the rolling blue Atlantic Ocean on the right.

We breezed past Mar-a-Lago and thankfully Agent Orange was elsewhere so we did not have to face endless roadblocks.

We were not unscathed as halfway through dinner Donny Junior’s outspoken partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, plopped down next to us in a tight dress anchored by what appeared to be multiple pairs of Spanks holding her in…that’s how close she was in her bright green peplum dress with Valentino kitten heels.

She never stopped touching her vast amount of hair extensions which framed heavy Cleopatra eye make up.

That was the only unappetizing element to the divine evening.

Celebrating with my partner for life and dining at the fabulous Le Bilboquet made for a memorable evening.

Le Bilboquet 425 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida Open 12-11pm daily. Valet and street parking available.

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