It’s 5pm Somewhere…


Cocktail hour holding an ice cold Chopin Martini with extra olives, the perfect wine with dinner, sake with sushi, Vermentino with lunch, a mango margarita on the beach.

All of the above sound very appealing and a fabulous way to imbibe reality between living in Coronaville, the present political landscape and the war in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, after 30 the realities of alcohol rear their ugly head.

Remember the college years when you never thought about the after effects of drinking?

My favorite remedy was when a gaggle of my girlfriends would head to the dorm dining room and consume ice cream before partying because we were told and readily accepted the myth that ice cream coated the stomach thus defeating consumption complications!

I have never been a big drinker although during my life on the road with my rockers I could keep up with and even surpass anyone and then wake up at 8am and be charming and pithy with the press with no lingering symptoms.

I cannot claim those victories anymore.

In fact, menopause has not only lowered my estrogen level it has depleted my alcohol consumption.

I am usually a one glass weenie now.

Doing some research I found I do not drink cautiously alone.

It appears that many of us can no longer drink wine or other alcoholic beverages without suffering consequences of sleeplessness, headaches, hangovers, and depressed mood.

It’s not a concern specific to women, but it appears that changing hormones contribute to next day unhappiness.

So what our our options to enjoy an alternate reality?

As usual there is a push pull between the fact that the older you get the more you logically look forward to relaxing and enjoying an adult beverage, but the screw you concept of the golden years, yay verily,  cloud the enjoyment.

Sex drive often wanes, eating causes midriff expansion, watching TV news or perusing online  reporting often presents a grim reality, tactile shopping has been curtailed due to Covid, cultural events have been surpressed, vacations stymied.

Yes, Covid numbers are improving, but I think I’ll risk the adverse side effects and still imbibe in order to blur the stress of reality…plus, a lovely wine with a great meal equals perfection.



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