Israeli Observations…

Jerusalem beckons.

Out the door in a minute, but I wanted to note some Israel observations.

Tel Aviv is a very youthful city.

Restaurants hit their stride daily around 10pm.

Prawns and Lobster stuffed tortellini at Shila Restaurant

Israeli’s are as food obsessed as New Yorkers.

Rothschild Boulevard Innovation

In Tel Aviv the city is always thinking up ways to accommodate the children.

Parks areas are prevalent, benches are always at the ready, main streets such as Rothschild Boulevard have hammocks, bean bag seating, lounges and carpeted zones for kids.

Biking abounds and cyclists not only have their bike paths, but they appear to have the right of way on sidewalks.

Pedestrians do not move over to give you a path on sidewalks.

Coffee and fresh juices are the beverage of choice.

People smoke and play soccer on the beach and no matter how many times the soccer ball hits you the players will not move away.

Israeli women do not have body image issues.

From toddler to 90 year-old women, everyone and I mean everyone wears a thong bikini…even the men are minimalists.

Males assume the role of hotel domestic engineers.

The sidewalks are not clean even thought workers wash the streets down in the early mornings.

If a parked car is blocking passage a carload of guys get out and lift or rock the automobile until it is resting on the curb and then they drive away.

Some of the architecture is stunning, but rundown. They are moving toward taking what is old and making it new again.

Outdoor markets are the hub of the city. I have already visited 4 and they are all thriving.


Culture is an important element of daily life.

Bread at Carmel Market

Bread is everything here.

Reproducing offspring is not a problem…babies abound.

I will report back on Monday to let you know if I have found religion in the Holy Land.

Any one want me to stick a note in the Wailing Wall for them…world peace, lose weight, marital bliss, likable in-laws, Yankees win the World Series, NY Giants win the 2019 Super Bowl, lottery win, a financial windfall, trump disappears, immigrants regain rights, America comes to its’ senses, Putin, Pence and Poverty disappear…

Tel Aviv Beaches



  1. Paula Lopez says:

    I really enjoyed this, thank you.
    Have a great weekend – not next year, but this year- in Jerusalem!!!

  2. Maybe lottery ticket? Lol ❤️ Ps love the observations! Really fun 🙂

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