Is There A Vaccine For Enochlophobia…

Middle of the night fantasies.

First Pandemic Is Over activity?

I am a bit stumped because I have developed a people problem.

I think I caught Enochlophobia.

I cannot stand to be close to a gaggle of strangers.

I experience high anxiety and flee the scene of the crime.

Before escaping I try to be true to myself, but my less emotional partner has to physically restrain me from screaming, “Put a mask on your selfish prig!!”

But, I digress so let’s return to Fantasyland.

I would imagine my initial response to breaking free from Coronaville would be to run not walk to a new fabulous restaurant in NYC, sprint to a Broadway show and hightail it to a New York sporting event.

I am also fantasizing about traveling abroad.

I can possibly wrap myself in PPE or a facsimile of bubble wrap and pay a huge sum for first class, but, duh, there are humans in Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Realistically, as of this moment, I just cannot imagine being in close contact with others even with 2 vaccine injections pulsing through my body along with double masking and carrying a flask filled with hand sanitizer.

Exiting Coronaville is going to have its challenges so for now I will continue to dream, sequester, social distance, mask up and pray for my undiagnosed Enochlophobia to dissipate along with a miracle in which selfish idiots wear a mask.


Image:Boing Boing

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