I woke up today and my dad was on my mind.

Is it politically incorrect to be pissed off at your father who past away 20 years ago?

Talk about displaced anger.

Yesterday, I had a dental appointment and was given bad news.

I need two implants.

If only they were in my chest instead of my orifice.

Getting back to my dad…I obviously inherited his dental issues…he frequently mentioned that his teeth were not his friend.

He had major work done as well as very painful gum surgery.

I need to take a deep breath and forget that this will cause me physical and financial pain.

Let’s just say that I could add a master suite onto any home.

I better live a long time because I have literally put my money where my mouth is.

Getting old sucks…it’s a constant battle to stay young, healthy and maintain dental perfection.

This implant process is a long and desolate journey.

Once the tooth is pulled you have to wait 6 months to fill the vacancy and then the implant is inserted with the possibility, as with dating, of being rejected.

Add 4 more months of healing and then an expensive crown that does not come with any jewels.

Maybe this would be a good time to go on Slim Fast because I most likely will only be able to gum my food with my front choppers.

Well, dad, I am thinking of you.

All was not lost, though.

I inherited his nose, long legs, height, signature Lubov hazel eyes and ability to make even a tree have a conversation with me.

Rest in peace…I just took a huge bite of reality and I’m over it.

Love you dad and miss you especially our stock chats during lengthy walks, heated tennis matches and our long history of attending every single NY Giants game together.


  1. So funny yet very sweet, you really have a way with words!

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    Perfect post.

    But, poor you and your teeth. Ouchy on both your mouth and pocketbook. 😬

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