Illicit Pleasures…


Dirty Little Secrets…

Friday morning, David and I did something we have never done before in broad daylight, during the work week.

We snuck out to see a 9am movie.

It was illicit and very exciting.

There were only 20 other people in the theater, although a rude, inconsiderate ass squatting at the end of our row, made himself known. He continued to peruse his email…the cell phone light bouncing off my retina.

It appears he brought in enough food for 20 as the unwrapping continued for the first 10 minutes of the movie…it finally stopped when someone yelled, “Cut it out.”

I wonder who that bold and noble person was?!


The film, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, is a heartfelt, poignant film grounded in reality. It is about a high school senior who is diagnosed with leukemia and the film geek who becomes her best friend.

The ‘terrible’ low-budget films that Greg (Thomas Mann) and his friend Earl (Ronald Cyler II) make are ingenious as are the films titles.

The movie was brilliantly directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon who spent years working as a production assistant for such outstanding talent as Martin Scorsese and Nora Ephron. He made his way into TV directing on Glee and American Horror Story.

The screenplay was written by Jesse Andrews who is the author of the 2012 book by the same name.

It is an amazingly creative, original movie, far from maudlin, considering the subject matter.

Food Cart In My 'Hood
Food Cart In My ‘Hood

We exited stimulated and hungry.

It was only 11:15am. Still the breakfast hour and time for a delicious egg sandwich from the food cart on our corner ($2.50).

We scurried back to man our computers and check email.

The day was still figuring itself out and we had already experienced a clandestine interlude.

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