I’ll Be There?!…

I enjoy being a woman unless I could have had the chance to play tight end for the NY Giants.

Other than that, I’m good.

I respect many women and am always cheerleading for our collective success and advancement.

I have been poking that glass ceiling for decades and am happy to see my daughter making huge cracks in the previously unyielding barrier.

Seeing Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris standing with President Biden during his first State of the Union address brought on tears of joy associated with how far women have come in the male dominated American hierarchy.

Unfortunately, I must admit I have not had a plethora of uplifting experiences working with women.

I have found that instead of extending a hand to boost a fellow female up the ladder the tendency is to reach out and knock her off the ascending wrung.

It really is no different with friendships.

My closest friends have often been men.

Female friends rarely share my sports obsession so I tend to gravitate towards men as they are more in tune with my fixation.

I like the male inclination not to hold grudges, be as judgmental and men are often less inclined to gossip.

Bonus, my husband is my bestie along with my daughter so I never walk alone.

There is not one male friend that comes to mind that I remain very close to after they are locked into a long term relationship.

I understand, but, intellectually, I just do not get it.

I hear this lament from other women.

I wish I had the opportunity to work in the Obama administration..now that appears to have been a smart, savvy supportive band of women who really rocked.

I am a very happily married woman without ulterior motives except to periodically enjoy a male friend’s company…nothing more, nothing less!

And wouldn’t it be groovy to go out with a couple where you actually enjoyed both people?

Women, please relax, be confident and lower the temperature on your  resentment or whatever label you want to emotionally stick on it.

It’s purely plutonic…definitely not in it to win it and honestly, a Super Bowl or World Series win is way better than sex and lasts longer.

Another one of life’s disappointing conundrums.


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