I’ll Be Missing You…


Marissa & Janet

A bright light was dimmed yesterday.

My dear, funny, honest, no holes barred cousin passed away.

I have written about Jan before.

Weird, as I compose this post, words temporarily fail me, but with tears welling, I push on.

Positivity…Jan would never want anyone to be maudlin.

She was a force to be reckoned with.

Jan left an amazing legacy of incredibly supportive and loving family members.

Her husband, Josh, who she has been with her since a teenager at sleepover camp, Jan’s fabulous daughter, Marissa, her sons, Judd, Michael and his wife, Susie and Jan’s cherished granddaughters, Ava and Charlotte.

I cannot fathom her not being here.

So, I am not going to.

No, Jan’s light will never be extinguished.

She has left a radiant glow…those who knew her will bask in her incandescence, forever.

Early this morning, I had a vivid flash…the visual has Jan in an adorable golfing outfit, giant visor, walking the back 9 with Uncle Walter following, driving the golf cart, his beefy Lubov hands on the wheel, catching Jan up on the what’s being going on and a smiling Auntie Anita, enthusiastically sipping on a tall glass of water, no ice.

I know you will forever make par, Jan.



  1. Liz Ketaineck says:

    Tears are running down my cheeks as I read this. You captured Jan beautifully.

  2. Sorry for your loss !

  3. I am so very sorry.

  4. francesco says:

    My most sincere condolences Toby.

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