If The Devil Had Menopause…

If the Devil had Menopause…we would all be in hell.

It looks like this country is headed in that direction, a downward spiral.

An aha moment…

I realized that Trump is the devil and his mode swings rival any woman who goes through menopause.

This would surely send him up the wall to be compared to the lowly female gender or her genitalia.

Perhaps I can wrangle an interview on Fox and spill the beans or the ovaries.

Every damn day I wake up feeling tentative, nervous, stricken by a low grade fever.

The Devil has infiltrated my psyche.

MSNBC has become my elixir…my safe haven.

I do not ever remember feeling that every single day in the US of A being continually unsettled, uncertain and volatile.

Indeed, there have been moments, but not a continual barrage of craziness.

To be totally and completely politically incorrect and to quote that bastion of journalistic integrity, Sean Spicer, I would like to take Agent Orange, Spicer, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, the Trump spawns of the devil, Betsy DeVos, Mitch McConnell, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, Kellyanne Conway and Jeff Sessions and invite them into the “Holocaust Center” to experience a living hell.

Make America Great Again by ridding this country of this human nuclear waste.


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