Identical Cousins…

Bubble wrapped memories.

That is how I view the highlights from my past.

We need to ressurect these more often.

Many times we tend to remember the mean girls, parental mistakes, cringeworthy relationships, awkward stages, college rejection letters.

Specifically, I have very fond memories of all the family get togethers with my dad’s posse.

My cousins rock.

Girl power was scarce compared to a plethora of testoserone.

Jan, my sista from another mother and I were thick as thieves.

We have the same diabolical sense of humor and ability to annihilate the self-impressed.

We shared the most hideous bridesmaid dresses and laughed our asses off at our celebrity relative’s wedding.

She has always been a bright light in my life.

Although she grew up drinking pop and adhering to healthy midwestern values, we were like Patty and Cathy Duke.

Laughter always resonates when we are together.

No matter the distance or circumstance, Jan will forever be front and center in my heart.

The bond will never be broken.


  • Still, they’re cousins,
  • Identical cousins and you’ll find,
  • They laugh alike, they walk alike,
  • At times they even talk alike —
  • You can lose your mind,
  • When cousins are two of a kind.



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  1. Liz Ketaineck says:

    I sent Jan a brief note, just to let her know we are thinking of her. I have not heard back, and wasn’t really sure I would, given your e-mail. I don’t have the same history you have with Jan, but I always felt a very strong connection with her. I’m so sad. She is too young for this.

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