Ice Ice Baby…

My husband must have been worried about my state of mind after my inauspicious fall.

He actually laid down and watched the entire Super Bowl with me…never had he ever!

As a reward I watched four movies with him on Sunday.

I did a deep diving into films, focusing on the Oscar nominated selections.

In my opinion do not waste your time watching Nightmare Alley, Don’t Look Up and The Power of the Dog. Belfast (whatever). Drive My Car (3 hours long). Licorice Pizza is not yet streaming. Dune is not happening for me.

Next up West Side Story, but not available yet. Not sure King Richard is worthy of my $20. Trailer looks mediocre and we all know the story as compelling as it is. 

I cannot believe how negative, mean spirited, boring and violent the Oscar nominated films are.

The violence in the films made the Super Bowl look like Powder Puff football.

When your life is a reality version of Vanilla Ice’s hit, Ice Ice Baby, you can’t do much, but veg.

I give this one more day!

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