I Wanna New Drug…

Life is a constant test or challenge.

My oral surgery was a bit complicated yesterday.

The diagnosis was that a bridge had to be blown up along with an extraction and a bone graft.

Fun times, but the drugs were excellent.

Apparently, when I woke up I asked if Trump had been impeached.

Then I started humming, I Want A New Drug.

Strange, but both relevant.

I must have thought I was out for months with the way the Mueller investigation is proceeding.

I was in a considerable amount of pain, but I insisted upon walking the 2 miles home.

This biatch isn’t old or feeble, said the crazy, swollen lady to herself.

My bed never felt so good.

Bonus…my stay at home horizontal day had the NY Yankees playing a day game against the World Champion Houston Astros.

I could actually divert attention away from the insanity on MSNBC and watch Tanaka pitch 6 perfect innings and then implode.

The Astros went ahead in the bottom of the 7th inning 5-3.

The Yankees came back to win in the 9th, but that doesn’t even tell the story.

What a game. I almost busted my stitches.

I needed to hydrate after that exciting, enervating game.

Good thing that I am on a liquid diet.

Are milk shakes fat and guilt free when you are experiencing pain after surgery…there must be an official exception for these extenuating circumstances.

Anyway, a shoutout to the NY Yankees for temporarily alleviating the pain and Huey Lewis and the News for the inspiration,

Huey, I am channeling probably my favorite band to work and tour with…take a listen to the hit, I Wanna New Drug.

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  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Let me know if you need me to get anything for you as you recuperate. 🌸🌺

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