I Swear I Am Not Shallow…

all the single ladies
Ever go into a bar or restaurant and say to yourself, “Self, I found all the beautiful people…this is where they hang out!”

We are led to believe through magazines and Hollywood that, not only do they exist, you, too, can be one of the beautiful people through self-help. Beautiful people do exist, but to be entirely honest, I rarely bare witness to them.
My daughter and I went for drinks and a bite at a favorite NYC haunt. It is situated in midtown, in the Time Warner building, a sophisticated retail oasis attached to an office building and 5 star hotel.
The bar was packed with unattractive people. I can hear the readers bristling already…beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is skin deep, get to know a person before judging…they become more attractive once you get to know them…all true, but when that initial eye contact is made with a stranger you can’t detect personality, intelligence, size of wallet and other hidden physical attributes…it’s all superficial.
Of course, being fixed up, meeting someone in college or a classroom setting is less formal and more conducive to getting to know their inner machinations. In a restaurant, bar or online dating it is all physical and superficial.
So, where are all the attractive, moderately attractive, relatively cute people because last week and just about every night I don’t see them.
I am married and I will admit, my husband is very good looking (don’t hate me), but I am always on the lookout for my daughter. I am not talking gorgeous. Frankly, gorgeous is often self-involved, not the brightest or nicest people and are mirror peekers. I am talking attractive…people who actually look you in the eye while conversing and are not swivel heads who never focus in on you.
eye contact2
Seriously, aren’t we all judged by our posse? When others describe friends, relatives, significant others, looks are always the first on the list.
So where are the attractive people? Not in the bars, beaches, Bloomingdales (when I was in my 20′s and living in the city, Monday night’s at Bloomies was the best singles scene), temples, churches, restaurants, movie theaters, on Broadway.
Is there a private club? VIP section? Do you need a backstage pass?
Bring them on because I have some beautiful, smart, interesting women for them to meet.
eye contact

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