I Feel The Earth Move…

Always the romantic, my husband planned a dinner at our favorite Los Angeles restaurant, Peppone.

We have been going there since the 1980’s.

Friday night was always Peppone date night.

Many powers that were in the music industry made Friday night their special night, as well.

Peppone catered Courtny’s 1st birthday party.

It was the celebratory dinner after the conclusion of the Huey Lewis and the News Rolling Stone cover.

Huey entertained the diners by singing, My Way and then Frank Sinatra appeared from behind, tapped Huey on the shoulder and commented, “great job, kiddo, but I still sing it better!”

My parents loved Peppone and insisted on going  every single time they visited. My dad indulged in the veal chop and Queen E. salivated over the chicken cacciatore.

So last Friday we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary at Peppone and the earth moved.

Yes, the food was spectacular, the old world ambiance comfortable and embracing.

The earth did actually move…we were drinking martinis and enjoying our stellar Caesar salad when the 7.1 earthquake hit.

The Tiffany lamps rocked and rolled, the red leather banquet served as our buoy for the minute long heavy wave that hit, the table lamps jumped as if startled.

As mortified as I felt, the one dish that could calm my frayed nerves was the amazing lobster with burnt butter and paprika sauce.

David used the four mushroom homemade pasta as a salve.

The servers, who have worked at Peppone for decades, rose to the occasion and sang a vibrant Happy Anniversary to us as they brought over an illuminated tiramisu despite the fact that the staff  appeared a bit rattled.

David, I have come to the conclusion that after all these years, you really do make the earth move whenever we are together.


  1. Here’s to many more!

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Oh my. That’s such a fabulous post. Seeing you together warms my heart. You are everything a good marriage should be.

  3. ellie lupo says:

    lots of love to you both

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