I Can’t Breathe…

It’s only 7pm PT and I am ready to throw myself off my bedroom balcony.

I think I might break a leg, which at this political moment in time, is just not enough.

I need to be rendered unconscious.

This is the most destructive relationship of my life…I need to lose the Orange swine that has been humping my leg for four years.

Nice guys perennially finish last…this must not be a metaphor for Joe Biden.

Every time MSNBC plays that frigging music declaring a winner, my heart stops and the sweats start.

When Mitch McConnell won I wanted to smash the television…6 more years of that neckless, self-centered, conservative judge obsessed, anti-abortion rage against humanity blob.

7:59 Lindsey Graham defeats Jaime Harrison in South Carolina.

8pm and I am clinging to a possible senate and state flip in Arizona.

8:05pm Biden is way down in Pennsylvania.

Who the hell are these Americans who support a mean, corrupt, bully who does not have a plan to stop Covid, is a racist who is universally hated and is ignorant about climate change…my heart is broken.

8:57pm Nothing is turning out the way I hoped…does not look like the democrats will flip the senate.

9:40pm Florida goes to Humpty Trumpty.

9:42pm Biden speaks to a huge segment of distraught Americans.

11:15pm PT In the White House trump declares himself the winner. Demands that voting stops (say what…it’s 2:15am ET). He Cries Fraud. This is a dangerous and dark moment.

After all we have been through these past four years with this blowhard autocrat, I do not understand the voting results and find it very difficult to identify with this America.

Who are these people who vote for him…shame on you all.


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  1. A sad day for America., and for the future of our children d grandchildren
    This is so unreal … a world of misfits !!!!
    Don’t jump …maybe he’ll fall of HIS balcony!!!!!!
    Unbelievable with Biden receiving more votes than any
    other candidate in history.
    Some world we live in
    I am ashamed to be a Floridian …

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