Husbandly Acts Of Kindness…

Monday’s mantra…It’s the small gestures that touch the soul.

Friday was a horrendous, all consuming migraine day.

I tried everything to abate the pain even hiking and spinning, but at 11am I succumbed, took my drugs and crawled into bed.

My husband was gone all day on work related business.

He insisted on stopping at Trader Joe’s and made it home by 8pm  ladened with groceries and dinner.

He worked, shopped, schlepped, picked up dinner unpacked the groceries and brought me flowers.

I normally suck it up and jump in and help, but honestly, I just did not have the energy.

I realized he did everything I usually do, but in relationship to him it seemed extraordinary.

Yes, women are Superstars and we display that magical power every damn day.

I must admit I was impressed by my husband’s generosity of spirit.

Believe me, I am not diminishing his actions, but I realized how much women take on all the time.

Anyway, the most endearing partner moment came at 4am Saturday morning.

David had placed the flowers in a vase that aesthetically was not as appealing as the one I normally use for gladiolus.

Of course, being me, I commented.

Well, when I walked into the living room in the morning he had switched the vase to the one I prefer.

Despite my hard shell exterior I am soft and gooey on the inside…tears came into my eyes.

It was such a touching gesture.

It is the little things that mean the most.


  1. Ahhh. He’s such a good guy and I love your emotional response. It is the little things. And I love that vase.

  2. Ellie lupo says:

    💜. Yes it is always the small and loving moments that mean so much..hope you feel better today .

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