Hurry Up & Wait…


Another day another attempt to fly the unfriendly skies.

Total rejection. We were denied a flight to New York City on Monday due to inclement weather. It’s always fun to pack, close up a home, return your rental car, go through security, buy magazines and arrive at the gate and hear the announcement that the flight to New York has been cancelled.

Then, to add insult to injury, you are requested to stand in a very long line with a plane full of irate passengers and attempt to book another trip. It was inconvenient, but at least we had two more beach days in south Florida and even met a lovely couple who live in the city. I could have been shut down in Omaha.

Yesterday, we had to get it together by 4am in order to make our 6am flight to LaGuardia. We headed to the airport in the pouring rain. Why is it raining everywhere in the U.S. except for California which is desperate for precipitation.

Our flight departed 30 minutes late because the air conditioning was not working on the plane. Typically, the mechanical or electric problem is resolved, but the paperwork is so time consuming. What are they writing?

Check the job well done box. Are the men in the yellow vests emoting about their repair experience, bonding with co-workers over a blown gasket?!

I started to conjure up unpleasant airplane scenarios.

I have not had good flying karma of late. A minimum of 5 hours waiting for our 42 minute flight to Cuba on both ends, flight cancellation on Monday and delayed yesterday.

Road trips are it for me for the foreseeable future…perhaps a pimped out Winnebago with Madison as my co-pilot, a case of Fritos and a month supply of diet Dr. Pepper.


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