Hozier Took Me To Church And Beyond…


Friday night I partied like it was 1999.

I was fetched by my daughter’s feisty and fabulous friend and huge NY Giants, Yankees and Syracuse basketball fan, Kim…how could I not love her?

My daughter had secured tickets to see Hozier at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

I don’t go to that many concerts anymore after spending a lifetime touring. Once you have seen each group you have represented over 100 times each, it is not your first choice for an evening activity, but there are exceptions to all rules and some bands must be seen live.

Hozier  photo"tremeradio.ro
Hozier photo”tremeradio.ro

Hozier is fronted by its’ namesake, Andrew Hozier-Byrne. He is a gifted guitarist, singer-songwriter  with a bluesy, soulful sound from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Annie Lennox, Hozier
Annie Lennox, Hozier photo:ink361.com

He did not win for his Grammy nominated Song Of The Year, Take Me To Church, but the talented twenty-four-year-old performed an impressive duet with Annie Lennox last night during the Grammy broadcast performing, Take Me To Church and , I Put A Spell On You.


Hozier released his debut studio album worldwide, featuring the hit single, Take Me To Church, in the fall of 2014.

I loved, Take Me To Church the first time I heard it. The Top 10 single is on the radio in heavy rotation so driving in LA you hear Hozier and Sam Smith on a continuous loop. I must admit to not tiring of the song.

Hozier possesses star quality…tall, lean, rock n roll hair (we have similar do’s) and knows how to dress the part. He is affectionately appreciative of his newly found popularity and adulation.

The journey to the sold out show at the Fonda was daunting. Times have changed. Kim picked me up and informed me that Waze indicated that surface streets to Hollywood, the 10 Freeway and the 405 were jammed.

We turned ourselves over to the magic of the Waze app and took the PCH to Topanga, traversed the canyon and had a magical view of the Valley, hopped on the 101 to the Hollywood Freeway and Shazam, we were at the Fonda.

We strolled in because we could and took up residency at the front of the stage…festival seating.

Asgeir, an Icelandic electronic-tinged trio, opened for Hozier. In personal terms, they made Pere Ubu look exciting…google the group and you’ll understand. I found out that Asgeir is the band leader’s name. I was sure it was a new piece of furniture from IKEA.


After a standard 30 minute waiting period between acts, Hozier strolled onto the stage and things heated up.

The band is very talented. The female members kicked butt as did the back up singers. Alana Henderson, singer and cellist (loved what the cello brought to the overall performance) sang a duel in a sparse spotlight with Hozier to the track, In A Week.

Let us not forget the male contributions of Alex Ryan, the multi-talented bassist.

Hozier has it all going on. A great voice, the look, talent and plenty of inspiration from his lapsed Catholic upbringing.

They played for over 90 minutes and Take Me To Church was even better live. In my book that is the sign of true talent. Anyone can make magic in a recording studio, but excellence is often not achieved live.


Three songs into the four-song encore, which culminated in the Work Song, Hozier pulled out a spirited rock cover of R&B artist, Amerie’s, mid-2000s hit, 1 Thing. Most of the crowd didn’t pick up on the fact it was a cover.

There were a plethora of young teens who knew all the words to every song and a bunch of very drunk women who thought that Hozier was going to select them for a booty call.

The show was great. My daughter and her lovely friend Christie had an industry party to make an appearance at so Kim and I hit up the new Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica, Tacoteca at midnight. It was closing time on the westside.

Chorizo Taco at Tacotera
Chorizo Taco at Tacotera

Tacoteca has received rave reviews, but it was quite the taste letdown especially after the delectable Hozier. The dry aged chorizo taco with avocado salsa and seared farmers cheese was the best item we ordered ($6).

The bartender possessed no star quality and frankly was beyond stupid. When I asked for a beer recommendation he responded, “Here or just in general in the world?” Seriously.

Friday was a night to celebrate great music with three groovy women and reaffirmed that I am never to old to rock.

If you have a chance, get out and see Hozier up close and personal on the 30-date North America tour. Hozier will endure.

I must confess to being a bit spoiled. I had a moment after standing for two hours that made me miss my backstage pass. Respect the laminate.

Take a listen to: Hozier’s, Take Me To Church…




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  1. Julie Johnson says:

    I realize it is 4.5 years later from when you wrote this, but Hozier was brought up in the Quaker faith. I just thought you may want to know this.

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