Hot Under The Collar…

Hot Child In The City.

Title was great for a #1 hit single from Nick Gilder which our mighty team at Chrysalis Records promoted the heck out of, but as a weather condition in New York City is not on my hit parade.

It is so hot and humid that I am like a leaky pipe who Is constantly on the subway which is another issue.

Between my inability to walk long distances, the exorbitant price of Lyft and Uber and the heat I find myself on the subway which appears logical as the subway provides a place to sit and surprisingly effective AC.

The problem is fear. I hug the wall waiting for a train and then go into swivel head mode once seated, checking out all the commuters which is revisited at every stop.

Believe me, I have wanted to dodge on several occasions…people screaming and getting up into your face, the homeless who are very troubled and unkept and tend to lay on the floor inside and outside of the subway cars.

It is such a sad situation and, unfortunately, the City has showed no evidence of turning things around.

Bloomberg was effective out of the gate. DeBlasio was a total waste and I am not seeing any results from Mayor Adams, the new kid on the block, whose MO appears to be his infatuation with celebrities and his love fo the night life.

I am feeling hot under the collar in more ways than one.

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend.



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