Hot Mess…

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but the world seems so screwed up lately.

It’s affecting my natural high.

Every day there is another worldwide catastrophe.

Shame on people lambasting Robert Mueller’s performance on Wednesday.

Agreed, he proved to be no Robert DeNiro with his delivery, but the man is 74, a public servant not an actor and his reputation precedes him.

Shouldn’t the arrows be aimed at trump and the Republicans for not taking the Russian threat seriously?!

How many politicians are exciting?

I sure haven’t seen many I would like to have dinner with.

When I lived with the Kennedy’s, I was blown away at what a charisma void Washington D.C. was and don’t get me started on how sloppy and unattractive politicians were…nothing appears to have changed.

The weather is insane.

Yesterday it was 92 in LA and only 82 in NYC.

Paris was 107 degrees.

First day of training camp, the NY Giants star receiver fractured his thumb and is out for weeks.

This football season should prove to be as thrilling as the Trump presidency.

I am heading to my fav restaurant for sushi tonight and intend to drown my sorrows in sake, salmon, hamachi and uni.

Enjoy your weekend.

And avoid Debbie.

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