Hot Child In The City…

It’s hot in Tel Aviv…fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.

Israel feels like New York City in August.

I am attempting to uncover all of Tel Aviv so I have been walking 10 miles a day and I think I am starting to see mirages.

Wednesday started out with a less ambitious agenda, but it just didn’t turn out to be.

We were at breakfast by 7am because David had an 8am meeting.

The early morning was deceptive. It was mild with a breeze.

I walked David to work and then strolled Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall which runs parallel to the Carmel Market.

The ambiance was lovely, but the stores unappealing.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

I came back to the room, did my due diligence and then set out for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

It was only a 30 minute walk, but by the time I arrived at the cultural complex the temperature had reached 90 degrees.

Tel Aviv Opera House

The museum is one of three modern buildings comprised of the art museum, the Israeli Opera and Cameri Theatre.


I perused the museum for several hours, admiring their impressive and very extensive Impressionist collection.


Christian Marclay’s 2010 internationally acclaimed video installation, The Clock, is on exhibit at the museum.

I spent an hour fascinated by the thousands of film clip excerpts that indicate the time of day with clocks, watches or references in the dialogue constructing a 24-hour montage that unfolds in real time.

Marc Chagall

Never one to leave a stone unturned I decided to stroll to the upscale designer street as it appeared to be located nearby.

45 minutes later I arrived too hot and tired to do any damage.

I then headed towards the beach and eventually turned left towards home.

A 10 mile roundtrip later I arrived at Cafe Noir which is a lovely bistro near the hotel.

In desperate need of AC I plopped down at the bar and had an amazing fig and Hulumi salad with pecans and fresh arugula.

I sat next to the nicest woman who lives just outside Tel Aviv. She was incredibly gracious.

I must admit to needing to shutdown for a brief period.

For the first time since I was pregnant I took a 2 hour nap…I had been up since 3am.

AIn’t jet lag fun.

In my case, I have not missed a Yankee game since I’m up by 2am and can follow along through the 9 innings.

My husband works late tonight and so I need to find a table for one please amongst the throngs of millennials.

I am off to assume the role of a Hot Child In The City.

Sidebar…I have met such lovely people. At dinner the other night I struck up a conversation with a couple from Sweden.

We chatted for a while. Next thing I know the restaurant manager comes over and asks if he can treat us to shots because we were promoting friendship and peace by talking to strangers at the next table.

The gesture touched me.

There is hope in the world…plus, the Swedes and many of their compatriots hate Trump so there’s that.

Peace and love and a nonviolent dumping of trump.


Tel Aviv Museum of Art 19 Shaul Hemelech Street Center City Tel Aviv, Israel. Open daily except for Sunday.




































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  1. Rachel Bender says:

    “Promoting peace and friendship” … i LOVE that!! So cool ❤️🌍❤️

    Also I love the dog picasso!!! I’ve never seen that before! I need to find a print 😛

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