Hope Springs Eternal.

Cliche yet the phrase readily comes to mind as I lounge with the dogs on a sun drenched Central Park bench on a glorious spring afternoon.

All the flowers and trees in the Park are blooming and it is a sight to behold as the landscape is bathed in yellows, pinks, whites and verdant green.

The byways are packed with colorful horse drawn carriages and tourists flood the road with bicycles.

Sheep Meadow is crowded with sunbathers and frisbee players.

A plethora of nannies are pushing strollers, ignoring their crying charges as they merrily talk on their cellphones and shovel Gold Fish in their mouths…something very wrong with this particular picture.

Other than the irresponsible caretakers, the picture is perfect.

Finnley is on red alert for dogs, squirrels and birds.

Madison is content to lay in the sun and occasionally chow down on New York’s finest dirt.

It is nearly impossible to be anything but sunny and down right positive on a day like this.

I foresee dark clouds on the horizon as rain is predicted for the next 3 days.

I’ll worry about it tomorrow.


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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Beautiful pictures. You can find hope dancing in the rain.

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