Holidays, NYC Style…


New York City is the most beautiful city during the holiday season.

OK…I haven’t visited every city in the world during the holidays, but I have witnessed my fair share and NYC is #1 with a bullet.

The city had not been dressed for the holidays before I departed for Europe so the other night, after seeing the incredible Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen, my husband and hit up midtown Manhattan.

It was pouring, but that did not dilute our excitement.

We were awestruck at Rockefeller as we took in the grandeur of the giant Christmas tree all  atwinkle.

The flags were flapping wildly from the gale force winds and even a few crazy tourists were on the ice at the Rockefeller rink.


The view from 5th Avenue looking down into Rockefeller Center was glorious.


After executing a half pirouette we were gobsmacked by the Saks Fifth Avenue light show on the facade of the building.


The Saks windows were especially joyous as each window was framed in lights.

Saks Windows
Saks Windows

The Swarovski crystal snowflake that beckons all from 57th and 5th is again luminous.


Even 6th Avenue around Radio City Music Hall contributed to the holiday spirit.

Barneys Windows
Barneys Windows

Barneys on Madison was a bit eclectic, but still worth viewing.

Barneys Windows
Barneys Windows

The only negative was the pall over 5th due to the amount of NYC police on every corner and squatting in front of Trump Tower.

It is costing the city $1 million a day to protect agent orange and his family. What a waste of taxpayers money.

The traffic cop at 57th street wouldn’t allow traffic to turn down 5th and Trump wasn’t even home.

He was taking yet another egotistic victory lap in North Carolina.

Happy Holidays to all.

Visit New York City now…who knows if there will still be a country left to decorate next year.

Additionally, I am positive the Trump Alt-Right transition team will find a perfect cabinet candidate for Secretary of Bah Humbug.


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  1. Thank you for the lovely pictorial tour- even ‘agent orange’ or natures’ own contribution couldn’t put a damper on it!

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