During the day I sometimes have too much time on my hands.

Here are the results of random December thoughts.

Why do I always crave sweets after eating sushi?

I cannot live without a doggie.

I can live (literally) with wearing a mask outside, but do not understand why it is a political issue. Do you buckle up in cars and on planes…then just wear one, asshole.

Why do I along with family members do refrigerator drive byes, grabbing the whipped cream can and squirting a blizzard of sweet cream into our pie hole…is this Covid Cheese Whiz?! By the way, aerosol cans are a good time and make shaving your legs not so heinous.

Do crumbs live in kitchen corners and then crawl out like ants…cleaning counters is a never-ending, thankless job.

Why don’t room atomizers ever remove the odor only adding an additional smelly element?

Why do you pass out in front of the TV and then get up and go to bed and can’t fall asleep?

Do bodies every stop aching even if you stretch, do yoga or Pilates or is just a gift of youth?

Say it loud and say it often…thousands and thousands of trump’s lies then become a reality for many Americans and eat away at democracy…when I repeat myself, my family stops listening. How did this Orange, morbidly obese, ignoramus become so powerful and believable, enabling the haters?

Why do Americans support Agent Orange even after he ignored Covid, subsequently killing over 280,000 people, raised the national debt exponentially, promoted racism and committed endless crimes?

Why can’t I quit the NY Giants…I take them way to seriously.

Why are women’s accessories and clothing so  much more expensive than men’s clothing which is made better…when you finally commit to buying a pricey item the adrenaline gets you high and when the credit card bill arrives, darkness sets in.

Why do you often regret eating that piece of chocolate, multiple French fries or an extra portion…for god sake, by the time you lament the fact, it’s already a part of you.

Why do married people always argue about the same things?

Why do people often disappoint even when expectations are low?

When you finally select a gas station why is the very next one always cheaper?

Why do express lanes move so slowly?

Why does men’s hair stop growing on their head and retreats to abundantly sprout out of their ears?

Why do dentist offices set my blood pressure sky high? You cannot die from a teeth cleaning.

When time is no issue, why do you make every green light and when you are in a rush you get stopped at every red light?

Hellmann’s/Best Foods mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup…no other condiment choice. No discussion.

Why do dog owners think they do not have to clean up poop on a snowy day…it does not melt away with the snow.

Why are eyeglass lenses always smudged and what makes the cloth gifted with every pair, magical?

Does anyone every like their hairdo or outfit in old  photos?

Why do slow drivers stay in the fast lane and then when you finally pass them they speed up attempting to overtake you.

Pull out your blue books and start responding.


  1. love love this…… many are so true for so many of us……I really do enjoy your blogs!

  2. I love so many of these clever statements. And I just went to the dentist today and was so spent from the nervousness I had to come home and eat and than feel guilty about the stupidity of it all.

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